The Most Popular Gaming Genres

Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. People of all ages, both men and women, still invest huge amounts of time and money on titles for all of the different platforms from PC gaming to mobile, console and even board games (remember those?)

The Internet has enabled gamers to play with and against other players around the world almost seamlessly, as if they were in the same room, with faster and smoother connections enhancing the whole gaming experience.

With so many different genres of games out there, there genuinely is something for everybody. While the word ‘online gaming’ might make it sound appealing to those who have been given something of a stereotype for being shy people sat in their bedrooms with the curtains and door closed, empty energy drink cans all over the place and crisp packets on the desk.

This is somewhat harsh as there are so many different kinds of online gaming - just posting your score to Facebook from your smartphone app, for example, is a part of online gaming even if you’re not connected to the web.

Everyone is getting in on the gaming boom at the moment, especially with more and more people able to download titles to their chosen devices or to log onto a website to play their favourite titles - plus the console games you can buy. In many cases titles are bought or downloaded based on their popularity, in others because friends have spoken about them or even sent messages suggesting that you download them. Then there’s just the ones that sound interesting, so you give them a go! It’s all about personal preference. So what are the most popular genres?

5. Sports

Sporting games are right up there, especially among the younger male generation - although that is by no means the only audience it needs to be said. Titles like FIFA have been popular for years now, decades in fact, and the interest is showing no signs of dwindling with the graphics and gameplay improving year on year.

4. Bingo (Gambling)

In the past few years online bingo - and gambling in general - have improved in popularity, bingo especially. The traditional game was showing signs of dying but companies have moved online to offer new games to new audiences and the comparison sites like list tons of sites and analyse them all to help you to choose which ones to play on which is particularly helpful for all players.

3. Simulation

Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own empire and ruling the land? Games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City are great examples of popular simulation games letting people build up their own towns, cities and theme parks to live like a King for a while - and they’re available on all devices.

2. Role-Playing

Getting away from reality for a while and having some fun is what gaming is all about. You can forget about the stresses of everyday life for an hour or so and assume the role of a Premier League football manager or an airline pilot, even an assassin - whatever interests you or is perhaps your dream career, you can do on at least one gaming device.

1. Platform Gaming

The most popular genre is also the oldest. The games released on this platform have paved the way for the gaming industry we know today. The Super Mario Series, for example, opened the door for more titles like Crash Bandicoot with features and levels which had - and still have - us addicted to playing “just one more level” and cursing our luck when a bad guy beats us just before the end.